1925350_10151993467282727_1944475980_n We are delighted and humbled to have the opportunity to share our Jesus Christ Chief Cornerstone Ministry at Lummi across the internet through our website and social media. We feel God’s calling to minister to the homeless here at Lummi, and we do that every day 24/7. Our facilities are simple, built from what we’ve scavenged from local scrap yards and supportive donors. The setting feels more like a family campout; we value our friendship with one another despite the sadness when people can’t resolve their issues during their stay. It’s a journey with purpose, a story unfolding that we feel compelled to share.


Since we started in 2007, our financial resources to support our ministry and our ourselves comes from seasonal fireworks sales from our Reservation fireworks stand ((Vinnie’s Boom CIty), occasional odd jobs, and from a few local donors with hearts for helping. Very few in our area know we exist because serving desperate people with few alternatives can be frightening, emotional, and time consuming.  With support and prayer from friends, sharing is becoming easier so bear with us and stay tuned as we tell of God’s grace working on hard hearts and rescuing lost souls. Every day is new adventure for us. We are thankful for the people God put in our paths to “walk” beside us in this ministry. We are trusting God to open your hearts and help support us through prayers, volunteer time, food, clothing, and cash donations.

God Bless
Vinnie & Edith Misanes