Empowering individuals to lead healthier, more productive lives by overcoming their cycles of dependency.

Our Partnership with Miracle Food Network

To better serve our residents, Jesus Christ Cheif Cornerstone has partnered with Miracle Food Network  (MFN). Miracle Food Network is a non-profit organization. MFN’s goal is to share their model and assist in developing strong and effective programs for communities similar to JCCCM-Lummi. 

 MFN also facilitating property improvements such as  showers, restrooms and other service connections for Cornerstone's current and future residents. We will continue to actively serve this community as we help our members heal, restore, and renew their lives and families.

Cornerstone is continually working with Miracle Food Network to implement more services to our residents. These will include but are not limited to:

Individual Case-Management

On-site Counselors  

Life Skills Classes

Coping Skills Classes

Drug and Alcohol Classes

Recreational Activities

Skill Training

Employment Opportunities


Cornerstone is home, a place where love is unconditional and grace is abundant to those who have come here. Individuals who face adversity and traveled down a road that lead to homelessness. It is the family of God that Cornerstone believes, all people, from every nation are invited to be a part of. This is a place where everyone is a brother or sister and a child of God. Jesus Christ Chief Cornerstone Ministry is a safe haven for many who need a place to heal, grow and become stronger in their abilities to live a life free from addictions, abuse and financial insecurity.

Services We Currently Provide


Church Services

Church Service is held on Saturday Evenings with Pastor Gary Sharf. Join us for worship at 7:00pm and service begins at 8:00pm.

Bible Studies

General Bible Study, Men's Group and Women's Group are each held once a week and are required for residents to receive housing. The time is allowed for understanding God's word, reflection and group interaction. 


Jesus Christ Chief Cornerstone Ministry provides safe shelter for homeless individuals. There are 11 one room cabins. Vinnie built the cabins almost 10 years ago with little help and using mostly donated materials. There are also many donated trailers on-site. The property is frequently at capacity of about 35 individuals. Jesus Christ Chief Cornerstone services up to 150 each year. There is a screening and in-take process for all applicants. 


Emotional, physical and spiritual support are the backbone of Cornerstone Ministry. The residents are received with caring, non-judgmental staff that provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When individuals come to us, it is most often after life has become unmanageable. Cornerstone applies biblical principles to help each person understand where changes in their own thinking and behaviors need to be made. Vincent and Edith Misanes have operated the homeless camp since 2008. 


Vincent and Edith believe honesty and transparency are vital to recovery and growth. The residents are asked to hold each other accountable and random drug testing is administered. Residents are have requirements while living at JCCCM and are held to the highest level of  accountability as possible. It is the vision of  Jesus Christ Chief Cornerstone to ensure as much success for each resident during their stay here at Lummi. 

Street Ministry

Every 2nd Sunday of each month the Misanes family feeds the homeless on the streets of Alberta, Canada, where Edith started her ministry in 1991.  The vision is to build a church home for the individuals and families they feed and continue to provide weekly meals and fellowship to the local low income and homeless population.